an exhibit of composed fragments

by K. M. Land

The title reflects a play on words, a re-adaptation of "nomenclature".  

How do we name things? 

Is it more elusive than the socially accepted specificity of the superficial?

What is the spirit of the object and/or experience and from where does it come?

The artwork is the compass.

Artwork helps Land to navigate life. Land's objective is to share this exploration and inspire others to engage in alternative ways of seeing and creating. The process of gathering, creation, careful destruction, and rearranging has helped Land through the events of the past couple of years.

This process is expressed in drawing, painting, printmaking, and sculpture.

In this exhibit the expression of emotive freedom is naked, arranged and transformed.

Land studied Fine Arts and Art History at NSCAD, Concordia and Guelph University. Land is an ecumenical muralist and illustrator.  Since her arrival in July of 2017 Land has been working with the AGNS as a project creator and instructor for ArtReach and Autism Arts. 

Her own practice is landscape painting, drawing, photography and printmaking.

As Artist in Residence at Holy Trinity, Land has created "Bit by Bit”, a youth workshop for the SW Nova Biosphere Reserve. Land also curated two exhibitions in Yarmouth, "TIDELINES" (art inspired and/or created by coastal debris August 2018) and " Transfigured" (an exhibition of altered books- September 2018).

Land has been a participant in many group exhibitions in Ontario and Nova Scotia.

She is a member of YAS and is available for workshops in a variety of mediums.