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Dave Gunning
September 7th @ 7:30pm

Tickets $25.00, Members $23.00
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Dave Gunning is a Canadian folk singer-songwriter born in Pictou County, Nova Scotia. Gunning credits the first live concert he ever observed, a 1981 double bill of John Allan Cameron and Stan Rogers, to be a major driving force in shaping the direction his life would take as a musician. “That show changed my life.  I would not be writing and playing folk music if not for seeing that concert and every other John Allan performance in Pictou County.”

Over the span of his career, Gunning has released ten albums, received a Juno Award nomination and has been awarded two Canadian Folk Music Awards and recognized with eight East Coast Music Awards. He is known for the incorporation of story-telling into his live show. In particular, Gunning relates anecdotes of notable characters from Pictou County, and performs impressions of musicians that he has worked with over the years.


The carson downey band

September 14 @ 7:30pm

Tickets $25   Members $24
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Who is Carson Downey?

Carson is a generous man who will give everything he has while on stage. He’s also done some fantastic things off stage.

He’s been across the ocean to Afghanistan to play for the troops and across the bridge to donate his time and talents to local fundraisers.

He will “wow” people at both events, not just because of the way he attacks his well worn Strat, but because he will treat

each event with a ton of respect and take time to talk to people in the crowd before and after the show and “give them” an audience!

He will listen to their stories and relate to them and then he will say “Thank You” for letting him play!

He thanks you for letting him kick the blues in the ass, throwing them to the floor, and stomping on them!  

Then later, he might drive over them in Brady’s ’66 Impala on the way to the next gig!

There will be no time for crying about the Blues,

instead Carson may ask you bare witness to the healing powers of the electric guitar,

and your slack jaw will gladly nod and smile as cases of “toe tapping ” break out all around you. It will be a fun ride that you hope never ends.

So, combine the generous man and with the exceptional guitar player and you’ll smile to your self as thou sit there catch one of Carson’s sets.

You’ll smile because something will resonate with you. Something familiar and warm, for you see, when you do Catch Carson playing,

you temporarily become part of the Carson Downey Family. It’s a big family, that’s full of love and passion fuelled by music and energy.

And you want some of that don’t you? Sure there are only 3 guys on stage, but Carson come from a very big family of 5 brothers and 4 sisters,

so he’s used to sharing and giving, probably more so then others. Thankfully for those of us on the receiving end of his many talents, the pay


Festival appearances  at the

  • Montreal Jazz Festival,
  • Thunder Bay Blues Festival,
  • New Glasgow Jubilee, Dutch Mason Blues Festival

off for Catching one of Carson’s sets is well worth the effort.

Supported acts such as B.B. King, Buddy Guy, Jeff Healey, Blue Rodeo

  • East Coast Music Award Winner
  • Maple Blues Award Winner


the good brothers
September 28th @ 7:30pm

Tickets $32, Members $30
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8 Juno Awards
40 European Tours
Canadian Country Music Hall of Fame Inductees
North American Country Music Hall of Fame Inductees
Cavendish Beach Music Festival Main Stage 2017


The Good Brothers who won eight Juno awards for Best Country Group and headlined gigs at Massey Hall, Roy Thompson Hall, The National Art Centre and performed countless shows at L.A.'s Universal Amphitheatre with (their mentor) Gordon Lightfoot have gained a worldwide audience over the course of their accomplished career. The Goods' were honoured by being the 2004 inductees into the Canadian Country Music Hall of Fame as well as two nominations for Country Group and Roots Artist of the year at the Canadian Country Music Awards. They have toured in Europe 40 times, where their loyal legion of fans embrace them time and time again.

The first show of their career (Bruce & Brian Good) was with James Aykroyd in the group was at Maple Leaf Gardens with Grand Funk Railroad. Then came the cross Canada tour on the outrageous Festival Express with such bands as The Grateful Dead, Janis Joplin, Ian & Sylvia and The Band, to name a few. With a little help from friends The Grateful Dead and Jefferson Airplane, they recorded their first album on Columbia records. Gigs at San Francisco's famed Fillmore West and L.A.'s Troubadour and in Northern California with The Grateful Dead, Jefferson Airplane, Quicksilver Messenger Service were monumental.

The Good Brothers self-titled debut album went double gold and in 2003 their album titled "One True Thing" was voted Canada's number one Independent Album of the Year and 2017 saw the release of the brand new album titled, “Wide Awake Dreamin.” Their music encompasses country, bluegrass, folk and the occasional selection from their rock and roll songbook.


Stompin' Tom
October 4th @ 7:30pm

Tickets $32.50, Members $30, Youth (14 & Under) $15.00
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The “Stories & Songs of Stompin' Tom” concert can best be described as a personalized, behind-the-scenes portrait of Stompin' Tom Connors, that includes a multi-media presentation of audio, video and photos from the band's many years on the road with Tom. The show features a carefully crafted blend of Connors' greatest hits and some of the outrageous, yet true stories of Whiskey Jack’s experiences with Tom. The band also perform songs from the performers who inspired him and who he inspired. This is a show that will entertain fans of all musical genres, that guarantees everyone will leave the theatre with a smile on their face.

  • This show is licensed by Tom's family and Stompin' Tom Ltd. 
  • Celebrate Canada with the songs and stories of Stompin’ Tom
  • Whiskey Jack is one of Stompin’ Tom’s premiere touring bands, who performed multiple national tours with Tom.
  • Whiskey Jack have appeared on The Tommy Hunter Show and were featured each week in their own segment, The Ol' Back Porch.
  • They have appeared on many national TV shows including, the “Alan Thicke” television show and on countless radio stations.
  • Whiskey Jack has been a mainstay on the Canadian country music scene since 1977. 
  • Whiskey Jack joined Stompin’ Tom in the studio to record his album, Dr. Stompin' Tom … Eh! 
  • Whiskey Jack’s “Fiddler” Randy Morrison is a Five Time Canadian National Bluegrass Champion


derek edwards - so here's the thing

October 29, 2019 @ 7:30 pm

ALL SEATS $48.00 
Plus Service Fees

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"So Here's the Thing ..."  - A breath of fresh air, finely honed and relentlessly funny!

Take a break from the world and settle in for a seamless glide over life's troubled waters. Like the canoeist seated deftly atop his life jacket,

with whiskey and pot cookies sealed in airtight containers, Derek Edwards  has left little to chance in this polished comedic adventure.

They say, "Brevity is the soul of wit." And like in a Hollywood movie when the fleeing hero has to jump off a cliff into a waterfall,

and the bad guys say, "Nobody could have survived THAT," then they cut back to a single hand reaching out of the rushing water,

finding purchase on a floating log. Derek is like that Sodden Log!

An island of stability amidst the frenzy.

An oft saturated and not entirely stable respite from life's turmoil.

From Vegas to St. John's, this Just For Laughs veteran is

universally considered to be among the comic elite.

Certainly, his peers think so, as evidenced by the fact that he's a four-time nominee, and winner of Best Standup Comic - Canadian Comedy Awards, as well as a multiple Gemini nominee for Best Performance in a Comedy. As Rick Mercer says,

"Everyone knows Derek is the funniest man in Canada."

Clearly the critics agree: "5 STARS - the funniest man on earth" - Winnipeg Free Press; "4 STARS - the crowd howled" –

Victoria Times Colonist; "still the funniest man in Canada" - Toronto Sun;

"Edwards reigns as the King of Canadian comedy" –

Charlottetown Guardian; "Derek Edwards is hysterical" - Calgary Sun;

"Edwards takes stand-up to next stage" –

Georgia Straight; "the epitome of timing & storytelling" –

Halifax Chronicle Herald; "the comedian's comedian" - London Free Press.

"So Here's the Thing ..." - Derek Edwards' new 90-minute

stand-up comedy show, ...a richly textured

and enthralling 'cut above,' delivered with pace and

authority by the consummate Canadian Comedian.

Derek In Action


For more info & comedy clips, visit www.shantero.com

Hotel california, The original Eagles Tribute show!
October 8th at 7:30pm

Tickets $49.50  
Plus Service Fees

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When The Eagles stopped to catch their breath a few decades ago, Hotel California began a pioneering journey through their history-making music that has taken them around the globe and thrilled hundreds of thousands of Eagles fans. It's been a journey they could never have imagined back in 1986, but their dedication, unique musical gifts, and an obsessive commitment to doing this legendary music true justice in performance, set them apart from the many Eagles bands that came after them. From Japan to Dubai, Toronto to Texas, Hotel California has boldly taken the tribute band where none has gone before them.

The experience of a Hotel California show isn't just about the band - it's about celebrating the music and the memories, and the band gets the audiences involved and on their feet! Close your eyes and you're right back there...


Momentary Lapse, A pink floyd tribute

November 2nd @ 7:30pm

TICKETS $35.00 
Plus Service Fees

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