Regulations Governing The Use of The Yarmouth Regional Arts Centre (Th’YARC)

Schedule “A”

  1. All spaces within the Yarmouth Arts Regional Centre ( Th’YARC) is on a first-come, first-serve basis.
  2. No furniture or equipment may be moved from any specific area of Th’YARC without the permission of the Executive Director. Any item given clearance must be returned to the specific area it was removed from.
  3. Qualified personnel must operate the lighting console and the sound mixer and other technical equipment. Personnel will be judged by having had the recognized training or instruction in Theatrical Lighting/Sound. In case of dispute over qualifications the judgment of the Executive Director and/or the Technical Director will be final.
  4. The Client will be responsible for the conduct of any engaged or invited individuals to Th’YARC
  5. All fire exits must be kept clear at all times. There is no smoking at Th’YARC.
  6. The Council and it’s employees shall not be held liable in any way for damage for lost of private property.
  7. Any damage or loss to Th’YARC or it’s contents, including, but not restricted to, lights, plumbing, curtains, tables, chairs, and other equipment, works of art, supplies, etc. (other than reasonable wear and tear) shall be made good by the Client immediately after the rental period. ‘Organizational’ members are responsible for cleaning of the stage, set construction room, green room, dressing rooms and all other backstage areas, immediately after the rental period. Clients will be charged a $50.00 cleaning fee, if in the opinion of the Executive Director, these areas will require more than on hour of routine cleaning.
  8. As of September 1, 2001, the Board of Directors has instituted a policy of a Building Improvement Fund (BIF) surcharge of $1.00 to be added to all ticket prices. This BIF is due and payable to Th’YARC immediately following the performance, and will be placed in Th’YARC Building Fund reserve account for future repairs and improvements of the facility. BIF also applies to complimentary tickets.
  9. The Green Room is for use of Th’YARC staff as well as the client. If the client requires exclusive use, this must be agreed on before occupancy of the client.
  10. Fees will be applied for additional rehearsals not included in the rental agreement. Dates and time are subject to availability of the facility and are at the discretion of the Executive Director.
  11. Use of the house tools and equipment and equipment is the exclusive privilege of Th’YARC staff. Last minute emergencies cannot always be accommodated.
  12. Th’YARC will endeavor to keep all stage and backstage areas as clean and safe as possible. Nevertheless, certain basic safety rules must be followed. Shoes must be worn at all times in all areas except dressing rooms.
  13. The use of the piano (un-tuned) is included in the rental agreement. Use of the piano must be discussed with the Executive Director prior to occupancy. There will be a charge to have the piano tuned if required.
  14. No posters, signs, notices, or any other material is to be mounted anywhere in the facility with out the approval of the Executive Director.
  15. Any special effects (e.g., steam engines, special motors, pumps, running water, live animals etc,) used by the client must be discussed with the Technical Director and the Executive Director prior to signing the contract.
  16. The Technical Director must receive notice of technical requirements at least seven (7) days prior to date of event.
  17. The pre-show technical coordinating services of the Technical Director are included in the rental fee.
  18. No reproduction of a performance by means of filming or recording is permitted.
  19. Alcoholic beverages (other than those purchased at the bar and consumed in the licensed area) and illegal drugs are STRICTLY prohibited on the premises.

Schedule “A”: Revised January 2020 – This form takes precedence over all previous forms.