Box Office Terms

Schedule “B”

  1. Box Office hours are 10am to 5pm. Tuesday through Friday, January -December. (Mondays by chance) Box office will re-open 45 minutes before curtain.
  2. When a performance is scheduled on Saturday and/or Sunday, the Box Office will be opened from 1 pm to 4 pm and will re-open forty-five (45) minutes before curtain.
  3. All tickets will be appropriately numbered with seat location for safety and audit purposes.
  4. Th’YARC will supply all admission tickets for all events through the box office at the Rental Clients expense. Tickets will go on sale on signing of contract for all performances; the Executive Director must approve any exceptions. Sale of any other type of ticket, e.g. subscription series, is to be negotiated with the Executive Director prior to signing of Contract.
  5. The Executive Director must approve any exceptions concerning the supply of tickets in writing.
  6. Client is free to set their own ticket prices. All tickets must be sold in accordance with the set price schedule and must include BFS (Building Fund Surcharge).
  7. Any technical requirements that call for the use of any number of seats, must have said seats pulled from the available numbers before tickets go on sale, (e.g. sound and/or lighting consoles to be placed in theatre.
  8. Th’YARC puts at the disposal of the Client, three hundred and thirty five (325) seats per performance.
  9. Th’YARC will retain five (5) house seats per performance. These five (5) seats will be free of charge to Th’YARC and will be selected and utilized at the discretion of Th’YARC.
  10. Tickets can only be reserved with a credit card. Tickets unpaid 48 hours prior the performance will be charged to the credit card.
  11. Complimentary tickets will be issued on authorization from a single contact for the Client. There are no exchanges or returns once tickets are released.
  12. Each person entering the theatre, will be assigned a seat and therefore, must have a ticket.
  13. Babes in Arms are not permitted in the theatre during a performance.
  14. Patrons are discouraged from bringing young children to adult performances as their age may restrict their enjoyment of the performance or the enjoyment of other patrons.
  15. Client is encouraged to provide a special reduced ticket price for patrons attending children’s performance, recitals, etc. who are aged 12 years or younger.
  16. No audio or visual devices are permitted in the theatre unless specific arrangements have been made with Th’YARC at least two (2) weeks in advance. Any patron who brings such devices or cellular phones and/or pagers etc. into the Th’YARC will be required to check such equipment with Th’YARC staff before entering the theatre
  17. All ticket sales are to be handled exclusively by the Box Office. The Executive Director must clear exceptions.
  18. All promotional material must include “For tickets or reservations call Th’YARC at 742-8150”
  19. Any Promotional material that includes information regarding the Box Office service and policy must have the approval of the Executive Director.
  20. Th’YARC reserves the right sell 50/50 tickets and to hold the draws before or during the intermission of the event.

Schedule “B”: Revised January 1, 2020 – This form takes precedence over all previous forms